Best Android Emulators For PC / Windows 10, 9, 8, 7 Free Online

Best Android emulator/ Android emulator for PC ( Windows 10, 9, 8, 7): Android emulators also called as emulators are used to run the android apps, android games on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/9/10). An emulator is a software which can emulate that is, it can make one machine act like another one. The software can range from Windows versions to an Android. In this emulator process, the one acts as a guest and another acts as a host. Let me explain this to you clearly, when you run an android emulator on your PC or Windows, then your windows or PC acts as a host and Android acts as a guest.

Best Android Emulators For PC / Windows 10, 9, 8, 7 Free Online

Best Android Emulators For PC / Windows 10, 9, 8, 7 Free Online
Best Android Emulators For PC / Windows 10, 9, 8, 7 Free Online

Finally, an Android emulator is an emulator which lets your Windows or PC act like an Android and it lets you emulate an android on your windows.There are many games which are released again on the newer consoles. But the original will always be the best. With these Android emulators, you can play the originals whenever you want on the devices. Let’s check out the best Android emulators for PC. With these, you can not only get the big screen space


Why use an Android Emulator?
There are many reasons to emulate Android. Few of them are:
1) Most of the people use Android emulators to play games or run any apps. By using the Android emulators on Windows or PC, you can play any android game on your windows.
2) Another reason for using Android emulators is that developers can run and check various apps. Since developers cannot maintain multiple Android devices, they can make use of these Android emulators to run various versions of Android devices to run and check their apps. By doing this, they can check if their apps can run on various devices or not by monitoring through their desktop.

Best Android Emulator

How to decide which Android emulator is the best android emulator?
There are few points to note down before deciding which is the best android emulator.
1) Bugs: Since an emulator is also a software, it is also bound to have bugs. So check for any bugs from the feedback before considering an android emulator.
2)Speed: Emulator speed plays an important role. Emulator’s speed depends on your system too. But, if the emulator itself is designed in such a way that it makes everything slow, then you can’t be able to do any work even with the most powerful host. So check for the speed too.

3) Resources: Check for the resources which are required to run an emulator. So, if you are not having any resources required to run an emulator, then there is no use of using an emulator. Without resources, it won’t work or even if it works, then it will really be slow.
4) Features: While selecting an Android emulator, don’t forget to check for features of the emulator. You should check if the emulators offer you the needed features or not. For instance, if you are testing an app in the landscape mode, and if the emulator does not support the landscape mode, then there is no use of getting that Android emulator.
5) Cost: Emulator price plays an important role. Do check for the price of the emulator if you are on tight budget.

Android Emulator

Which Android Emulator to choose for?
While choosing an Android emulator, you might be confused with the numerous options present on the internet. So we picked up some of the best Android emulators for you.

Bluestacks android emulator for pc

1) BlueStacks (Android 4.4.2 emulator for PC)
Till date, BlueStacks is one of the best and most popular emulators. It is also one of the most stable when comes to reliability. I Have used bluestacks and never paid a penny and used it for most of my devices. Unless you run the task manager at the background to kills the tasks, BlueStacks tells you in a message to display ads which promote various apps in order to use BlueStacks for free. If you don’t want BlueStacks to run the ads, then you need to pay money to stop the advertisement.

BlueStacks can be used by anyone without any limitations even if you don’t have a google account as BlueStacks will simulate a submarine OS on your PC. Currently, BlueStacks is the most reliable Android emulator which is offered by Windows. It can run on an old PC too and you don’t need to have a brand new PC to run BlueStacks. If you are using a 2013 PC, we recommend you to use a graphics chip. BlueStacks works hand in hand with streamers with its openness towards twitch. It runs on Android KitKat version. BlueStacks brings you a complete Android package on the PC with almost all the features which any commercial user would require.Here are some of the features

Bluestacks App player

Multi-gesture support
Compatible with android tv
Integration with mouse, keyboard, webcam, and trackpad
Easy one click installation
Direct user interface
Games and apps can be viewed in full screen
Memory hog

So if your Mac or Windows computer has less than a couple gig of RAM, we don’t recommend BlueStacks. Also if you are playing graphic intense games, then make sure you have a graphic card installed in your computer. Check here for Bluestacks App player free download

Best Android emulator for Windows 10

2) Nox App Player
Being one of the most efficient game rendering engines has minimalism at peaks.
Full fledged operating system
For developers, nox app player helps to evolve themes, Android OS skins, icon packs
You can directly install the apps from google play store or by apk.
Available for MacOS and Windows.
Nox is even faster than Bluestacks and I could not point out any issues with respect to usage of apps and in fact surprised by the task execution speed.
It has upper hand over bluestacks because it doesn’t run any ads and also it is free.
You can have touch feature, access and control over taking screenshots, apk file installations, volume control, restarting and multiple sessions. Check here for detailed step by step Nox App Player Android Emulator Download

Android emulator for Windows 10, 9, 8, 7

3) Remix OS Payer
Remix OS Payer is Windows only Android emulator which is very easy to use. It’s based on Android marshmallow.
The uniqueness of Remix OS Payer lies in the fact that it could be used in a separate partition in x86 compatible systems or could be used as a desktop client due to its dual booting capability.
Easy user interface
Default Google play store
Efficient Software optimization which lets you run simultaneously multiple games.
Has mapped settings which are saved.
Lack of MacOS turns off the apple users.

Android emulator for PC Download,

4) Genymotion:
Genymotion, a complete family pack for app developers who can test any number of apps and should not be missed. It is compatible with Android Studio, Eclipse, and Android SDK tools. For quick access, you can install Genymotion plugins after you install Genymotion. You can test websites through different browsers – user agents and try your battery status, location permission required apps and almost anything.
With Genymotion’s Java API, you can automate app testing. It does this by manipulating the sensor values of specified app and tests it in different scenarios and locations. Changing the device name, MEID, IMEI is easy. You can even emulate fake calls/SMS to know how your app reacts in different situations.
While performing graphics-oriented tasks, the OpenGL compatible graphic cards makes it slightly more responsive and faster

As said previously, Genymotion is very much motivating for the developers in the form of Genymotion Cloud too. Using Genymotion Cloud, you can get android emulator online.
Seamless integration and Team Collaboration
Compatible with MacOS, Windows, cloud, and Linux.

Cons of Genymotion

No default Google play store
This app is a paid one which doesn’t excite many and many of the important features are available only for paid users. Though the free version is available to download, it has very limited features. Genymotion is without any doubt one of the most advanced if you are looking for a very professional Android emulator for your business.

If you are an app developer, then try Genymotion even if its paid without a second thought. For optimal performance, you should be covered under the recommended system configuration.

Do you have Android phone and want to change its theme and make it look the way you wish, then don’t miss the Best Android Launchers 2017

Best Android Emulators For PC / Windows 10, 9, 8, 7

AMIDuOS is one of the new emulator available in the market. Even though it’s a new emulator, it comes with a lot of features. AMIDuOS gives you both gaming features and has app testing feature but does not come with any advanced features for these tasks. All these decent features along with low price tag make it a try.

AMIDuOS also called as DuOS, this is another popular Android emulator available. Make sure that Virtualisation Technology is enabled in BIOS before you get AMIDuOS on your device and also Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 or above.
DuOS support graphics 3D acceleration, external hardware, gamepads, and GPS.
It is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and was developed to be able to be run in root mode
It is very affordable
a vast range of sensor support
Simple, fast and easy to install
Includes features for tablet
Lot of options to customize for both storage and UI (SD Card)

Cons of AMIDuOS
It does not come with google play store.
No dynamic resizing
Available only for Windows
It does not come with many advanced features.

AMIDuOS Editions:
It comes with 2 editions and it offers a 30 day free trial for both the editions
AMIDuOS Pro: This version costs approximately 15 dollars and it comes with lollipop and jellybean configurations.
AMIDuOS Lite: This version costs around 10 dollars and it comes with only jellybean configuration.

ARM support
Support for external peripherals and 3D acceleration
It is suitable for games and any apps
AMIDuOS provides sensor support which includes Accelerometer, Orientation, Ambient light, and Gyrometer.
Sync capabilities
It has both file sharing and storage capabilities
Supports both front and rear cams.

Supported platforms:
AMIDuOS is available only for Windows at present. It is available on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (32 and 64 bit)

Android emulator online

6) MEmu
MEmu is an android emulator for PC windows and is light weighted. It supports KitKat, Jellybean, and lollipop. In most of the popular games, it supports integrated and dedicated graphics both AMD systems and Intel. Being a flexible emulator, the user can configure ram, CPU, device model and many other settings. You can create many instances and multitasking with this.
Supports full-screen support which means you can play mouse, joysticks, and keyboards in some of the games.
Keyboard mapping
drag and drop to install apk files
easy file sharing between windows and android
Loading time is faster

MEmu though it is a relatively latest android emulator, it has got high performance and smoothness.
Multiple instance support
Supports AMD, apps, Intel chipsets, games
Screen resolution can be customized
GPS Location simulation
Syncing ability
Joystick and keyboard mapping
File sharing
External peripheral support

Smooth and high performance
Free and easy to use
Many options to customize
Supports multiple instances
Available only for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Vista
Not many advanced features are present

Free Android Emulator For PC

7) Droid4x
Droid4x is another Android emulator which is new when compared to other Android emulators in this list. It is also a more mature emulator. Droid4x was designed mainly for games but it can be used for app testing and productivity. It does not come with many features but it is more than enough as an entertainment and testing product. This emulator is completely free
Droid4x Editions:
Droid4x is free and has no restrictions for its installation. It is available to everyone
Supports File sharing
Supports games and apps
It can record videos and take pictures
The screen can be resized so that you can enjoy full screen to have maximum fun.
Many options to customize especially add-ons
Smartphone can be used as a controller for games
external devices like joystick are supported

Android Emulator

It’s easy to use and completely free
Add-on features
Installation process is simple and easy
Capability to record
Since the emulator is new, it does not have many advanced features and has some performance issues.

Emulators Online

8) Ko Player:
Ko Player is a win only android emulator for PC. Some of its features are:
Default Google player
Compatible with most games and apps
One of the best solution for apps like Netflix, Youtube to watch the content in full-screen mode due to its adaptable resolution.
Supports most of the wireless/wired keyboard, trackpads and mouse
Drag and drop feature for installing apps.
Compatible with both Intel processor platforms and AMD. This feature made it reach to most of the users.
Ko player needs a discrete graphic solutions and virtualization technology which you can enable in BIOS settings.
It is available only for Windows users and Mac users have to wait until it is released for the Mac version too.

Best emulators

That’s it, folks, we have provided you many choices and explained to you the various features. We researched all the android emulators and tested ourselves. So don’t need to research again. There are many other Android emulators for PC over the internet but these are the top android emulators. Some of them are released long back and some of them are brand new. Now you can choose the best android emulator depending upon your needs and how you can use it. So, feel free to share these best android emulator for windows PC and Mac with your relatives and friends.

How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online : Tips To Get More Sales

How To Sell On eBay: Are you planning to sell on eBay and earn good amount of amount, then you are at the right spot. eBay is one of the top 10 most visited website over the internet. eBay is also one of the most popular shopping websites where businesses and individuals can sell on eBay and buy their new items and second-hand items. In this blog post, we will show you how to sell on eBay. If you are selling on eBay for the first time, then you need to create my eBay selling account. Once you are done with this, all the future sales will be much easier for you.

How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online

How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online
How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online

In this blog post, I will explain to you how to sell stuff on eBay and great tips to increase sales

How to sell on eBay

How to sell on eBay
How to sell on eBay

To sell on eBay, you need a
1) A computer with a net connection
2) A debit or a credit card.

Follow the below steps on how to sell on eBay
1) First, go to eBay website
2) If you are new to eBay, then you need to click register option which is present above the eBay logo. You can only buy or sell on eBay only when you are registered.

If you have already registered on eBay, then click sign in, and enter your user id and password. If you are already registered, then after you sign in, then proceed to the step 5 below and skip step 3 and step 4

Selling on eBay

3) To register for eBay, you have to fill out the basic details like your name, your email address, and your chosen password. Once you finish filling out the basic details, then hit the blue submit button at the end of the screen.
4) A pop-up will confirm the email address which you added for your account. If you are happy with this, then proceed.
5) Now you will be taken back to the eBay homepage. Click on the sell option which is present at the top of the screen. Next Update your information page will open. Now fill out your address information and then proceed.
6) You will now be redirected to a new webpage where you can start listing your items for selling online. Now type the name of the item which you wanted to sell in the box which is provided and then click”Get started”

My eBay selling: 

7)Next, a new web page will open and will give you a detailed step by step instructions on how to create your listing. It includes detailed instructions on how to give your selling item a clear title and how to upload a photo. It will also show you how much pay it will cost you to list your item.
8) Once you are done with filling all the details of your listing, then click “List with displayed fees” which is present at the bottom of the screen,
9) A new page will open where it will show the preview of your listing so that you can see how your listing looks before it gets posted on eBay. Now, click continue if you are satisfied with the way the listing looks. If you are not satisfied with the listing, then click edit and make any changes which you desire.

Sell on eBay:

10) If you already sold an item previously, then your listing will be posted and you can directly proceed to step 15. If this is your first time for selling an item, then a new page will open and the new page will ask for additional information. Then click continue.
All you click the continue, then review your account information and then continue it.
11) eBay will then verify all your information which can take one minute to two minutes. After that, you will be asked to verify your mobile number. Then click call me and you will get a pin by a call. You have to enter the pin. Now hit continue.

eBay selling:

12) Now you have to log in again.
13) When you wish to sell an item on eBay, then the eBay website charges you some amount of fee. Now you have to choose how much amount of fee you wanted to pay. Now select the payment type and then hit continue. The payment details have to be with either credit card, debit card, debit or PayPal.
14) If you wish to pay through Paypal, then you have to agree to the PayPal’s terms and conditions. So after you read them, hit I agree.

eBay sell:

15) That’s it, your item is now posted online. Click “Track your listing in My eBay” to check if anyone is bidding for your item or buying your item. You can also click My eBay which is present at the top of the screen to check all these details. Potential buyers may email to you if they have any questions, so reply to them very promptly so that they can get pleased and give you a good feedback later on.

16) When your listed product is sold, then you will receive an email from eBay. Now, go back to “My eBay” and click Sold. There you can see the name of your item and the price for which the item was sold. Now click, Send Payment details to send your buyer an invoice which will be prepared by PayPal automatically if you have previously clicked the PayPal as your payment option.

How to sell things on eBay:

17) Finally, once PayPal receives the payment, you will receive an email from PayPal. Now go to PayPal website and enter your email address and password to log in to your PayPal account. You will see that the amount has been credited. The total amount will be Total payment minus the fee for PayPal. Now click withdraw. Now you can withdraw funds to your bank account to transfer the payment to your bank account.
18) Now make sure that you pack the item safely and post the item within the specified time. After you pack and send the item, now go to “My eBay” and click SOLD. On the right side of your screen, click more actions option. You can now click the option “Mark as dispatched”. This will let the buyer know that the item has been dispatched.

What to sell on eBay:

You can sell many items on eBay like Dell laptop, iPhone 5, GoPro Camera, Samsung Smart TV, ps4 console, Garmin GPS, Canon Camera, Breitling watch, Coach handbag, CHANEL perfume etc are some of the top selling items.
1)First Sell what you know
eBay is a great marketplace to show off your stuff. If you have good skill at bargaining or if you have any rare items in a specific category, then consider specializing in the items which you know much about.

2) Know Items Which cannot sell.
Any dangerous or illegal items like human body parts, live animals, drugs and illegal service are not allowed to be sold on eBay. Other items which are listed in eBay adults only category may be sold but they are very restricted. So, I advise you to check the terms and conditions, policies of eBay on restricted and banned items to prevent your account from being terminated or banned.
3) Minimize your risk by selling the items which you already have or start everything by small quantities
eBay places restrictions on the number of items sold by new sellers like around 5 items per month. One important tip is “don’t build excess inventory without conducting few sales first”. Try listing small items to know about logistics

How to sell something on eBay:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on how to sell items on eBay

  • Can I sell broken items on eBay at a cheap price?
    You can give it a try, but we can’t guarantee that anyone would be interested in buying a broken item from you.
  • What if a person buys your item and does not like it after they received your item?
    If there is “Returns Accepted” option present in return policy, then the buyer can return the item.

How much does eBay charge to sell

  • How does eBay take their money and how much money we are paying for eBay?
    Generally, you can get 50 listings every month for free. For additional listings above 50, you need to pay 30 cents per listing, unless you want to make any upgrades to your listing. There is a final fee for each item which sells successfully. This will be around 10% of total price which includes the cost of shipping too. All fees for the previous month are withdrawn from your PayPal account automatically in the middle of next month. For more details check here ->

How does eBay work

If you are aware of eBay selling, you might have understood by now that there are two kinds of listings on eBay. They are Fixed price listings and auction format listings.
Fixed Price listing works in a similar way like the online shopping. You just have to click purchase button and pay the required amount. Fixed price listing would be easy to understand and fulfill.
Auction format listings is something which could be more confusing to the beginners who are new to eBay shopping. The bidding system and the auction pricing may make the purchasing system little bit complex.
Below are some of the important things to keep in mind about the items which you find on eBay searches and ghow to bid them.

Twi kind of items: Auction and Fixed Price
Generally, eBay items are sold in two ways.
Fixed price items: These fixed price items are easy to identify. They can be identified by the tag “Buy It Now” button and a price will be mentioned on the item. These items can be easily purchased by clicking the “Buy It Now” button. You will pay the price which is listed next to the “Buy It Now” button.

Auction Items: These kinds of items have a “Place Bid” button which is present next to a box to enter the bids. This will also show the current bid price too. Auction items are available only for a specific time. While that specific time is completed, then the auctioned item goes to the highest bidder.

Finally, hope you liked our post on eBay selling. Please drop a comment if you have any doubts. For more How to Tips check

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How To Turn Off / Disable Find My iPhone: Remove iPhone, iPad or Mac from Find My iPhone

How to turn off Find My iPhone, Turn Off Find My iPhone: Find My iPhone is a service provided for Apple users to find/track/locate lost of stolen iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Before you sell your iPhone or pass your iPad, Macbook or iPhone to others, then you need to deactivate Find My iPhone and remove the device from the tracking service. Do you want to know how to disable Find My iPhone? then follow this guide on Disable Find My iPhone and remove iPad, iPhone or MacBook from Find My iPhone.

How To Turn Off / Disable Find My iPhone: Remove iPhone, iPad or Mac from Find My iPhone

 How To Turn Off / Disable Find My iPhone: Remove iPhone, iPad or Mac from Find My iPhone

How To Turn Off / Disable Find My iPhone: Remove iPhone, iPad or Mac from Find My iPhone

Turn Off Find My iPhone:

There are few more reasons why you would want to turn off Find My iPhone. Since Apple gives so much of importance to its customer’s privacy, it will not let any of the third party software to access its user’s data when Find My iPhone / iPad/ iPod touch is on. Hence, to enjoy all the features of internet/system clean / privacy, Phone clean is required. Phone clean requires to turn off Find My iPhone / iPad / iPod touch option on your device. Don’t worry this is temporary. After you do an iTunes backup and when you want to restore iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then also you need to turn off Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Check below steps on How to disable Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on your device.

Must Read – Find My iPhone

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is a feature which is exclusively found in iOS and macOS. This feature helps the users to locate their lost/stolen/missing iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Once Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is activated on your device, then it’s linked to the user’s associated Apple ID. Then the owner of the iPhone can locate the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac either by logging on to or using a Find My iPhone app on an iPad or iPhone. When Find My iPhone is enabled, then the owner can see the device location on a map and can lock it remotely or wipe its content or can also send a message to the lost device.

Disable Find My iPhone

There are certain situations when Find My iPhone stops being friendly. When you wish to sell your iPhone or give it to a repair, then you have to remove your device from iPhone. The best part is it is very easy to remove an iPhone, MacBook, iPad or iPod touch from Find My iPhone. Check below for how to disable find my iPhone

How to turn off Find My iPhone: Can I turn off Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone is a very useful service provided to its customers. This was developed with an intention to discourage any theft of Apple devices which are very costly. Because of this reason, you cannot disable Find My iPhone without your Apple ID and password. Furthermore when you want to restore the iPhone or iPad to the factory settings, then you need to turn off Find My iPhone. Because of this reason, you must disable Find My iPhone before you sell your iPhone or pass on to others. If you purchased a second-hand iPhone and you don’t have the Apple ID and password requested by Find My iPhone, then you need to contact the owner from whom you purchased the original iPhone. If they don’t tell you, then hand them the iPhone and ask them to enter the password.

How to Disable Find My iPhone

How to turn off Find My iPhone: How to remove an iPhone from Find My iPhone

  • First open Settings
  • Tap the iCloud
  • Choose Find My iPhone option
  • Set the Find My iPhone option to Off
  • Now, enter the Apple ID and password and turn off

Find My iPhone will be disabled for that iOS device now and you can reset the device to its factory settings if you plan to sell the device. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Reset and Erase All Content and Settings.

How to turn off Find My iPhone: How to remove an iPad (or iPod touch) from Find My iPhone

The procedure of turn off Find My iPhone is same for other iOS devices too like we have done for iPhone. Just open the settings option. Tap the iCloud. Next, choose the Find My iPhone and set off. Enter the Apple ID password when asked for.

How to turn off Find My iPhone: How to remove a MacBook from Find My Mac

Removing a Macbook from Find My iPhone is different from removing an iPhone or iPad from Find My iPhone. To turn off Find My iPhone on your Mac device, follow the below steps
Open system preferences. This can be done either from Dock or through selecting the Apple Menu which is present in the top bar and then selecting the system preferences option.
Click iCloud which is present far left on the 3rd row.

Now scroll to the bottom of the list. There you will find Find My Mac. Click the blue tick next to it.

How To Remove Find My iPhone without password

I don’t have the right Apple ID or password. How do I turn off Find My iPhone?
We are sorry to say that there is really no way to turn off Find My iPhone without the Apple ID and password. If there was a working method, then all these features of Find My iPhone would be of no use.

If you don’t have the original Apple ID and password, then you must request the apple id and password from the previous owner from whom you took the device. Luckily, the Apple ID will be an email address. So even if you don’t know the original owner of the device, you can request for the password. You can ask them by sending them an email. If not you can help them reset the iPhone or iPad. Note that, without Apple ID and Password, there is no working method to Turn off Find My iPhone or reset an iOS device to its factory settings.

How to Remove find my iPhone

If you Fail to Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on your device and a message saying “Verification Failed” and “There was an error connecting to iCloud”, then you connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to a faster connecting wifi network or a faster internet connection. Also, check if your settings are disabled to access Cellular data.
If you misplace your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, then Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch can help you to find it out and it will also protect your data. One the cleaning of your phone is done, then don’t forget to turn on Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch again. This is done to protect your device safety and not to let your personal information go into wrong hands. Hope you liked our guide on How to turn off find my iPhone. Do comment your doubts if you find any trouble to Turn off iPhone. Please do share this guide on how to remove find my iPhone to your facebook, twitter etc to let everyone know How to Turn off Find My iPhone.

how to turn off find my iPhone from computer

How to Download / Save Instagram Photos / Images / Pictures /Pics on PC & Mobile

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC / Mobile, Download Instagram Photos / Images / Pics / Photos: Instagram one of the world’s largest photo sharing social networking application, used by more than 600 Million people every day. As we all know, Instagram is currently, owned by Facebook Inc., Instagram not only an impressive photo sharing application but also has simple and attractive features. That’s what made this application so popular. Though there are simple features, Instagram lacks in some important features. For example, you can’t download Instagram Photos or save Instagram photos and Videos.

How to Download / Save Instagram Photos / Images / Pictures /Pics on PC & Mobile

How to Download / Save Instagram Photos / Images / Pictures /Pics on PC & Mobile
How to Download / Save Instagram Photos / Images / Pictures /Pics on PC & Mobile

Yes, by default it is not possible to download Instagram photos or videos on PC or mobile. It hurts. When we like some picture, we want to download it but unfortunately, we are unable to do that. I do agree, it is a matter of privacy that is the reason why Instagram won’t let you download images. But there are some exceptional cases, where we badly need that image. Are you one among, who is unable to download photos from Instagram? Do you want to Save Instagram photos on PC / Mobile? Then, here is a simple solution.

How to Download Instagram Photos on Mobile

The Instagram mobile application won’t let you download images or videos from the Instagram. To be specific, you can’t even zoom an image to watch it in a detailed manner. It hurts. Though there are limitations in the Instagram Application, we can bypass it easily. Here’s a simple application which you can download in seconds, to download Instagram photos on mobile.

Download Instagram Photos / Images / Pics / Pictures

First of all install, InstaSave Application on your smartphone

Check here for Instasave

  1. Install & Activate InstaSave Application.
  2. To download Images and Videos from your Instagram account, first of all, you have to log in with your Instagram account.
  3. After successful login, you can view all your Instagram images like you see in your mobile gallery.
  4. Choose the image which you want to download
  5. Finally, click on Save button, this will download the selected photo. While Saving an image, It will show you where exactly the image stored on your device.

Check How to download Instagram videos

How to Download Instagram Photos / Images / Pics / Pictures on iPhone

To download Instagram photos or videos on iPhone, you can Instagrab application which can be found in App Store. This application also works similar to InstaSave.

  1. Install and Activate Instagrab application on your iPhone.
  2. Login with your Instagram account
  3. Now you can see all the Instagram images in Instagrab application.
  4. Choose the image which you want to download from the shown Instagram Images.
  5. Simply click on save image this will do the job.

It is easier and quicker way to download Instagram photos or videos on Mobile. I personally prefer using this application to download images or videos from Instagram. I recommend you to follow the above method. If you have any better way to download images from Instagram, feel free to comment below. We respect your suggestions.

How to Download Instagram Photos / Images / Pics / Pictures on PC

To download Instagram on PC, you need not download any application or software. An active internet will do the job. In the case of Smartphone, you would need to download an application, but for PC you need not install any application.

How to Save Instagram Photos / Images / Pics / Pictures

First of all, Copy the URL of the Photo/Video which you want to download from Instagram to your PC.

  1. Now, visit <a “rel = nofollow” href=””>
  2. On the homepage, you can see a Box with ” Enter Instagram URL “, In that box simply paste the Instagram Photo/Video URL
  3. Then click on Go
  4. This will download the image from the URL.

Save Instagram Photos / Images / Pics / Pictures

Make sure your account is not private when you are trying to download images or videos from Instagram to your personal computer.

It’s not that much difficult to download any image from Instagram. Still, if you face any issue, do let us know. Hope the

Hope the above-given methods works charmingly. If you have any doubts, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below. You can also contact us for any kind of help.

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