Top 10 Best Android Launchers Apps download 2017 : Best Performance

Best Android Launcher 2017: Android operating system currently world’s leading operating system and used in most of the smartphones in the world. However, the User Interface (UI) of Android is similar to all, which is a quite boring thing. Many people including me don’t like the UI of Android which comes by default in our Smartphones. Maybe few people like the default UI of their smartphone, but many don’t like the UI of their smartphones. So, the solution is Android Launchers. Let’s have a look at 5 Best Android Launcher download for the year 2017. In this article let us know some of the launcher for Android.

Best Android Launchers App download 2017

Best Android Launchers App download 2017
Best Android Launchers App download 2017

Android Launchers will give freedom to Edit appearance of our smartphone. Don’t like the Applications icon in your smartphone? Don’t worry, use a Best Android Launcher. It will give you a freedom to choose how icons appear in your smartphone. There are many other benefits of Android launchers. From my experience, I am listing out 5 best android launchers which you can use right away to customize your smartphone according to your taste. Let’s get started.

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1. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is one of the oldest, most iconic and widely used Android Launcher which impressed millions of people with its appearance. Apex Launcher lets you personalize your smartphone according to your taste. You can choose the appearance of appearance. The size of the icons and many other things are in our controls. The User Interface of default Android is very much extended in Apex Launcher. People are giving huge thumbs for this wonderful Android Launcher. This is one of the top Launchers in Android Play store.


2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher most iconic Android Launcher, serving Android users since a quite long period. Nova Launcher gives a classy appearance to your smartphone no matter which design you choose. Nova Launcher has a set of features which will let you customize each and everything as per your taste. Font style, Font color, icon size, menu colors can be personalized as per our choice. The animation in Nova Launcher will impress you for sure. I recommend you to give a try for Nova Launcher. It is one of the best Android launchers, among all other launchers listed here.

Best Android Launcher

3. Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is also very popular and widely used Android Launcher with some cool features which will let you customize UI of your device as per your choice. Solo Launcher launched a few years ago but still acquired a decent number of installs and impressed everyone greatly. Many people were very much satisfied with the appearance of this launcher on their devices. Solo Launcher has clean and attractive UI with simple features to customize App icons, font displays, and others. If you are not ready to go with Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher, you can blindly go with this beautiful launcher. This will definitely make your smartphone look cooler than ever.

Best Launcher

4. ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI launcher from Asus is one of the growing Android App Launcher. Many people started using ZenUI recently on their smartphones and they are very much impressed with the appearance and personalization features in this launcher. Apparently, ZenUI launcher has some cool customization features which other launchers doesn’t have. If you are looking for some unique launchers for your Android smartphone and if you want every single thing on your smartphone customized as you like then you can go with ZenUI launcher.

Best launchers for Android

5. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is one of the coolest Android launcher download with impressive animations. Evie launcher is a growing Android launcher used by more than million people. The best thing about this launcher is its inbuilt animations. Like every Android launcher, Evie launcher will also let you customize things as per your choice. you can change the size, appearance, and colors of your app icons. you can select any of your favorite themes. you can choose your favorite color. Evie launcher gives a dashing look to your Android smartphone. Though a newcomer into Android Play store, this Android launcher won hearts of many and it is one of the Top Android launchers. I recommend you to give a try for it as well. you’ll like this for sure.

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All the above-mentioned Launchers are the best Android launchers, which will change the default user interface to your favorite User Interface. All the above-mentioned launchers for Android are Freemium ones. Which means all these apps are available for free in play stores and also available in paid versions. The difference between the free version and the premium version is that you’ll have access to premium stuff such as images, wallpapers, and animations.
On an Android phone, the launcher is the app which is responsible for the app ‘grid’, home screen and launching of many apps.

Here are some of the Fastest Android launcher and Best 3D Launcher 2017

What are you waiting for? Simply pick any of the Android launcher mentioned above, and install it on your Android smartphone and see the magic. The new UI of your Android smartphone will impress you for sure. If you are not happy with that, you can simply uninstall that application and go with some other Launcher.

Hope the above list of 5 best android app launcher 2017 helps you. Let us know if you have any questions in below comments. we are happier to help you.

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