How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online : Tips To Get More Sales

How To Sell On eBay: Are you planning to sell on eBay and earn good amount of amount, then you are at the right spot. eBay is one of the top 10 most visited website over the internet. eBay is also one of the most popular shopping websites where businesses and individuals can sell on eBay and buy their new items and second-hand items. In this blog post, we will show you how to sell on eBay. If you are selling on eBay for the first time, then you need to create my eBay selling account. Once you are done with this, all the future sales will be much easier for you.

How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online

How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online
How to sell things / Items / Stuff on eBay Online

In this blog post, I will explain to you how to sell stuff on eBay and great tips to increase sales

How to sell on eBay

How to sell on eBay
How to sell on eBay

To sell on eBay, you need a
1) A computer with a net connection
2) A debit or a credit card.

Follow the below steps on how to sell on eBay
1) First, go to eBay website
2) If you are new to eBay, then you need to click register option which is present above the eBay logo. You can only buy or sell on eBay only when you are registered.

If you have already registered on eBay, then click sign in, and enter your user id and password. If you are already registered, then after you sign in, then proceed to the step 5 below and skip step 3 and step 4

Selling on eBay

3) To register for eBay, you have to fill out the basic details like your name, your email address, and your chosen password. Once you finish filling out the basic details, then hit the blue submit button at the end of the screen.
4) A pop-up will confirm the email address which you added for your account. If you are happy with this, then proceed.
5) Now you will be taken back to the eBay homepage. Click on the sell option which is present at the top of the screen. Next Update your information page will open. Now fill out your address information and then proceed.
6) You will now be redirected to a new webpage where you can start listing your items for selling online. Now type the name of the item which you wanted to sell in the box which is provided and then click”Get started”

My eBay selling: 

7)Next, a new web page will open and will give you a detailed step by step instructions on how to create your listing. It includes detailed instructions on how to give your selling item a clear title and how to upload a photo. It will also show you how much pay it will cost you to list your item.
8) Once you are done with filling all the details of your listing, then click “List with displayed fees” which is present at the bottom of the screen,
9) A new page will open where it will show the preview of your listing so that you can see how your listing looks before it gets posted on eBay. Now, click continue if you are satisfied with the way the listing looks. If you are not satisfied with the listing, then click edit and make any changes which you desire.

Sell on eBay:

10) If you already sold an item previously, then your listing will be posted and you can directly proceed to step 15. If this is your first time for selling an item, then a new page will open and the new page will ask for additional information. Then click continue.
All you click the continue, then review your account information and then continue it.
11) eBay will then verify all your information which can take one minute to two minutes. After that, you will be asked to verify your mobile number. Then click call me and you will get a pin by a call. You have to enter the pin. Now hit continue.

eBay selling:

12) Now you have to log in again.
13) When you wish to sell an item on eBay, then the eBay website charges you some amount of fee. Now you have to choose how much amount of fee you wanted to pay. Now select the payment type and then hit continue. The payment details have to be with either credit card, debit card, debit or PayPal.
14) If you wish to pay through Paypal, then you have to agree to the PayPal’s terms and conditions. So after you read them, hit I agree.

eBay sell:

15) That’s it, your item is now posted online. Click “Track your listing in My eBay” to check if anyone is bidding for your item or buying your item. You can also click My eBay which is present at the top of the screen to check all these details. Potential buyers may email to you if they have any questions, so reply to them very promptly so that they can get pleased and give you a good feedback later on.

16) When your listed product is sold, then you will receive an email from eBay. Now, go back to “My eBay” and click Sold. There you can see the name of your item and the price for which the item was sold. Now click, Send Payment details to send your buyer an invoice which will be prepared by PayPal automatically if you have previously clicked the PayPal as your payment option.

How to sell things on eBay:

17) Finally, once PayPal receives the payment, you will receive an email from PayPal. Now go to PayPal website and enter your email address and password to log in to your PayPal account. You will see that the amount has been credited. The total amount will be Total payment minus the fee for PayPal. Now click withdraw. Now you can withdraw funds to your bank account to transfer the payment to your bank account.
18) Now make sure that you pack the item safely and post the item within the specified time. After you pack and send the item, now go to “My eBay” and click SOLD. On the right side of your screen, click more actions option. You can now click the option “Mark as dispatched”. This will let the buyer know that the item has been dispatched.

What to sell on eBay:

You can sell many items on eBay like Dell laptop, iPhone 5, GoPro Camera, Samsung Smart TV, ps4 console, Garmin GPS, Canon Camera, Breitling watch, Coach handbag, CHANEL perfume etc are some of the top selling items.
1)First Sell what you know
eBay is a great marketplace to show off your stuff. If you have good skill at bargaining or if you have any rare items in a specific category, then consider specializing in the items which you know much about.

2) Know Items Which cannot sell.
Any dangerous or illegal items like human body parts, live animals, drugs and illegal service are not allowed to be sold on eBay. Other items which are listed in eBay adults only category may be sold but they are very restricted. So, I advise you to check the terms and conditions, policies of eBay on restricted and banned items to prevent your account from being terminated or banned.
3) Minimize your risk by selling the items which you already have or start everything by small quantities
eBay places restrictions on the number of items sold by new sellers like around 5 items per month. One important tip is “don’t build excess inventory without conducting few sales first”. Try listing small items to know about logistics

How to sell something on eBay:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on how to sell items on eBay

  • Can I sell broken items on eBay at a cheap price?
    You can give it a try, but we can’t guarantee that anyone would be interested in buying a broken item from you.
  • What if a person buys your item and does not like it after they received your item?
    If there is “Returns Accepted” option present in return policy, then the buyer can return the item.

How much does eBay charge to sell

  • How does eBay take their money and how much money we are paying for eBay?
    Generally, you can get 50 listings every month for free. For additional listings above 50, you need to pay 30 cents per listing, unless you want to make any upgrades to your listing. There is a final fee for each item which sells successfully. This will be around 10% of total price which includes the cost of shipping too. All fees for the previous month are withdrawn from your PayPal account automatically in the middle of next month. For more details check here ->

How does eBay work

If you are aware of eBay selling, you might have understood by now that there are two kinds of listings on eBay. They are Fixed price listings and auction format listings.
Fixed Price listing works in a similar way like the online shopping. You just have to click purchase button and pay the required amount. Fixed price listing would be easy to understand and fulfill.
Auction format listings is something which could be more confusing to the beginners who are new to eBay shopping. The bidding system and the auction pricing may make the purchasing system little bit complex.
Below are some of the important things to keep in mind about the items which you find on eBay searches and ghow to bid them.

Twi kind of items: Auction and Fixed Price
Generally, eBay items are sold in two ways.
Fixed price items: These fixed price items are easy to identify. They can be identified by the tag “Buy It Now” button and a price will be mentioned on the item. These items can be easily purchased by clicking the “Buy It Now” button. You will pay the price which is listed next to the “Buy It Now” button.

Auction Items: These kinds of items have a “Place Bid” button which is present next to a box to enter the bids. This will also show the current bid price too. Auction items are available only for a specific time. While that specific time is completed, then the auctioned item goes to the highest bidder.

Finally, hope you liked our post on eBay selling. Please drop a comment if you have any doubts. For more How to Tips check

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