Uber Driver Requirements & Qualifications | Background Check | Become an Uber Driver

Uber / Uber driver requirements: Do you want to become an Uber Driver and searching for How to become an Uber Driver, then here is the complete guide about Uber. In this guide, you can know what are the Uber Driver qualifications, rules, insurance requirements, sign up and registration process, Uber application and many more interesting facts. It Can be difficult to get all the required information you want to know about Uber Driver and insurance requirements from official websites. In this, I will let you know all the necessary Uber requirements for Drive For Uber.

Uber Driver Requirements & Qualifications | Background Check | Become an Uber Driver

Uber Driver Requirements & Qualifications | Background Check | Become an Uber Driver
Uber Driver Requirements & Qualifications | Background Check | Become an Uber Driver

Uber Driver

Uber is not a tazi service, which everyone would think. Travis kalanick, the founder of Uber, says that they would like to describe Uber as the one that connects passengers with willing Uber drivers. Becoming an Uber driver is simple. A Passenger or rider calls for Uber car using a smartphone which has Uber app. Uber Driver then goes to passenger’s location and picks up the passenger and drops them at their destination. In this whole process, no cash is exchanged. The transaction is all through passenger’s debit card. No tip is required. If you fulfill their requirements, then it is an easy process for Uber sign up and Uber registration. Follow the below steps for How to be an Uber Driver

Uber Driver Requirements

Uber driver requirements include the following:
Uber Driver Age Requirements:
Uber Driver must be 21 years of age or elder than 21.
You need to have three years of Driving experience. If you have moved from another state recently, then you need to
verify your driving history. You might need your out of state drivers license. So, keep it with you.

Uber Driver Qualifications:

  • You must have an in-state Driver’s license
  • You need to have in-state car registration which does not need to be in your name.
  • You must have an SSN ( Social Security Number ) for a background check.
  • You must have in-state car insurance in your name.

These are the Uber qualifications you need to meet

How to Become an Uber Driver

Here is the answer. To Become an Uber driver you need to pass Uber driver background check and must fulfill Uber Driver qualifications.

In short, let us see How to become an Uber driver by following the step by step procedure to become an uber driver.
1) Complete Online Uber driver application
2)Get Your car inspected either at Uber inspection stations or from a third party
3) Check if you qualify for uber background check requirements, sign a consent form and get Uber background check status. Wait for the background check to clear.
4) Now, start driving.

To get cash bonus, sign up to become Uber driver
I hope I solved your query regarding how to be an Uber driver.

Uber Background Check

You must pass a Uber driver background check which is done by a company named Hirease which may take few days to complete
You should have a clean Driving record

Background check: Make sure that in the past seven years you had

– No Criminal History
– No Drug related offenses or DUI
-No fatal accidents
-No history of Harsh or reckless driving
-No incidents of driving without License or Insurance.

Become an Uber Driver

You must have access to a four door car that is year 2006 or newer in most cities
-2001 or newer in Chicago
-2001 or newer in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco
-2011 or newer in New York

Hope you got an idea about Becoming an Uber Driver and Requirements to be an Uber Driver. If you have any queries regarding how to become Uber driver, do comment your questions below in the comment section. We will help you with them.  Also, you can see in depth guide regarding working for Uber and drive for Uber here.

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